1)           Before your ferret is missing, teach them to come to you.


2)           When you discover your ferret is missing, start an immediate search.


3)           Place a cage, carry case, or box in your yard, with your ferret’s favorite food, water and towels or blankets that have your ferret’s smell on them. You could even put one in both the front and the back yards. Keep checking these areas frequently.


4)           Call all of your friends who own ferrets. We have spent many hours looking for friends’ lost ferret. Friends have helped us look.


5)           Call the animal control officer. If ferrets are illegal in your area, be very careful when you contact animal control. You might even tell them you are ferret sitting for a friend. We would back you up. So would many ferret guardians.


6)           Put another ferret on a leash and let them sniff around the area you think your ferret might have gone. A whole male works best. A dominate female sometimes works well. They will start to make their dooking noise when they come upon the scent. But don’t count on this working. Your leashed ferret may be so happy to get outside it may be a wasted effort. It is worth a try. We know of at least two times this has worked.


7)           Call local Veterinarians, Pet Stores and any Ferret Rescues.


8)           Call The SPCA, Homeless Pet League, Special Pals, etc.


9)           Place a “LOST” ad in all local papers.


KEEP LOOKING – NEVER GIVE UP. We know of one little ferret who returned on her own.



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